Mother Hunger

Helping adult daughters understand and heal from lost nurturance, protection, and guidance

Hi, I’m Kelly.

I’m glad you’re here. I am an author and licensed professional counselor, and in my first book, Ready to Heal, I named an attachment injury as “Mother Hunger.” Since then, I’ve devoted myself to nurturing insecure attachment and maternal deprivation in adult women. I published my second book, Mother Hunger, in 2021 and have had the honor of watching my work resonate and spread with the millions of women who suffer from a life-long emotional burden that adversely affects self-worth, eating patterns, and relational wellness.

Perhaps you’ve read one of my books or listened to a podcast and want to know more. Maybe you feel Mother Hunger® yourself and are looking for professional guidance in your healing process. Or maybe you’re a professional wanting to better guide your clients on their healing path. No matter how you’ve arrived, I’ve designed this site to be a resource for you and created tools to equip you on your journey.


For Daughters

For daughters who are searching for resources and clinical support to heal Mother Hunger.

Mother Hunger by Kelly McDaniel

For Professionals

For clinicians and coaches wishing to offer Mother Hunger resources to their clients. 


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"Comprehensive, clear, and deeply compassionate, Mother Hunger is a love letter to women looking to find their way home."

– Alexandra Katehakis, Ph.D.

"The most palpable, potent, and impactful imprint of mother to daughter that has the power to heal us in real ways."

– Nancy Levin, author of Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free

“A friend gave me this book and it has been EYE-OPENING. We all have mother wounds. We all do. I just want to take the time to just say thank you.”

– Jada Pinkett Smith
How Adult Daughters Can Understand and Heal from Lost Nurturance, Protection, and Guidance

Mother Hunger® is a term that helps a woman name the unspeakable heartbreak that emerges from missing essential elements of maternal care. When we grow up with inadequate nurturance, protection or guidance, we struggle with symptoms of depression or anxiety as we yearn for a certain type of love.

Based on each mother/daughter story, different degrees of Mother Hunger play out in the lifelong struggle to find healthy connections with others.

The legacy of pain from early maternal loss, abuse, or abandonment leaves a daughter always wondering, “what’s wrong with me?” The Mother Hunger book gently guides a reader to her invisible heartache so deep healing can happen.

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Breaking Free of Addictive Relationships

This newly revised and expanded edition of Ready to Heal provides an opportunity for women to break free from painful addictive relationships. Kelly McDaniel provides the reader with the tools they will need to move along the path of living a life where intimacy is possible.

Ready to Heal | Mother Hunger