Healing Heartbreak Intensives

Most likely, if you’re interested in an Intensive, you know the pain of a broken heart. Maybe it hasn’t occurred to you that your heart is broken, but you have experienced loneliness without language, despair that won’t rest, and depression that resists your best efforts.  Your soul might feel numb.

These are symptoms of a broken heart.

An Intensive is a profoundly effective path toward healing a broken heart. During an Intensive, you and I work closely and confidentially to create a curative experience for the pain you’re suffering. You will be safe, protected, and nourished while we do the deep work of healing heartbreak.

I currently provide Intensives in a two – three day format. If you want to know more about an Intensive, click here.


With hope and warmth,


      “My therapist recommended that I go see Kelly for a Heartbreak Intensive.  I was nervous about three days away from home.  But I’m so glad I went.   The work was invigorating.”~TX



Individual Psychotherapy sessions — 60 and 90 minutes

Couple Psychotherapy sessions — 90 minutes

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About Kelly

You’re Not Alone Anymore


The pain of a broken heart is a lonely experience, yet healing heartbreak is not possible alone.  We aren’t designed to live or heal by ourselves.  Each one of us needs a trusted guide when we’re lost and in pain.  I can help you heal the wound that is tender, the pain that is too hot to touch.  Together, we will ease the heaviness you have been carrying alone.

My therapeutic approach traces the early formation of your relational template and gently opens new pathways in your brain designed for healthy love.  I will guide you toward understanding how and why you love the way you do.  Together, we will create change that allows healthier connection with the ones you love and the ones who love you.

If you want to know more about my qualification and training, click here.