I help women heal from early attachment injury and address a concept I call Mother Hunger.

Are you living with relentless shame and emotional homelessness?

If so, you may be suffering from Mother Hunger, an unconscious ongoing search for safety and belonging.

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Meet Kelly McDaniel

Kelly McDaniel, is a licensed professional counselor and author, specializing in treating women who struggle with self worth and relationships. As the first clinician to name an attachment injury as Mother Hunger, she explores the legacy that comes from bonding with an emotionally compromised mother.  Her upcoming book, Mother Hunger speaks to the millions of women who suffer with a life-long emotional burden that adversely affects self worth and relationships with others. It didn’t have a name. Until now.

-New Book-

Coming in July 2021 from Hay House

Mother Hunger: The Path for Daughters to Reclaim Lost Maternal Love

In her new book, Kelly guides women toward a deeper understanding of Mother Hunger®, a concept she first named in Ready to Heal (2008). Normalizing the difficulty that women face in relationships, Kelly’s new book soothes the legacy of shame from fractured maternal bonding.