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Holiday Family Life

We are rapidly approaching the season where family life is romanticized and many of us feel painfully alone. Sights, sounds, and smells trigger powerful feelings of loss and stir up pathological hope. At their best, the holidays bring us moments to rest and be grateful. At their worst, we find untapped wells of grief waiting …

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Journal Writing

Writing about Mother Hunger® fills hours that I’d much rather spend doing almost anything else. But writing is not elective. Do you know this feeling? The call to pen and paper? Journal writing, songwriting, book writing… the nagging whisper of words that want out? If so, where do you write? At home? Outdoors? Coffee shop?

The Flow

Heartbreak, Mother Hunger®, healing love addiction, ready to heal, self-love, early attachment, birth, & flow explains the feeling we get when we know we’re right where we are supposed to be, doing what we need to do, and being true to an essential part of who we are. Have you felt “flow”? How do you …

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Third-degree Mother Hunger

These are the 3 elements of mothering that we all need… I will be writing more about this in my new book ‘Mother Hunger®’ that Hay House is publishing. In the meantime, check my website for bits and pieces about this primal attachment injury.