Connectfulness Practice Podcast: Mother Hunger with Kelly McDaniel

“Perhaps you’re one of many who feel a sense of dread and grief as Mother’s Day nears. These feelings may be related to the attachment injury Kelly McDaniel, LPC has termed “Mother Hunger.” It’s a term that helps women name the unspeakable pain that emerges from early childhood trauma and its lasting impact.

Kelly McDaniel, LPC returns to the podcast (she joined us on episode 28) to explore the legacy of maternal deprivation. Her upcoming book, Mother Hunger, soothes the legacy of shame that accompanies being under-mothered.

Mother Hunger addresses the constant search for love —nurturance, protection, and guidance— that may lead to a lifelong quest for what was missing. It’s not about critiquing how you were raised, rather it’s about learning how to heal and re-parent the hungry parts inside. Healing begins with knowing and naming what we are missing.” Listen to the episode HERE.

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