Healing Mother Hunger: Helping women with early attachment Trauma

In "Ready to Heal" McDaniel names Mother Hunger as the primitive heartbreak that informs relational choices for women across the lifespan. Mother Hunger theory and treatment focuses on the most primitive human attachment bond between mother and child. With a focus on women, specifically mothers and daughters, this training will illuminate the legacy of living with a broken heart. While the discussion will highlight women, principles of Mother Hunger strike a universal chord for anyone affected by this early attachment wound. At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe cultural double bind that manipulates femininity/masculinity
  • Define Mother Hunger and understand the power of naming this injury
  • Illuminate how relationships become addictive for women with Mother Hunger
  • Recite how Mother Hunger is different based on attachment style
  • Explain the correlation between food and fantasy as they interact with Mother Hunger
  • Identify treatment approaches for healing Mother Hunger
Module 1 Healing Mother Hunger: Helping women with early attachment Trauma
Unit 1 Introduction to Mother Hunger - Learning Objectives
Unit 2 Defining Mother Hunger
Unit 3 The Four Cultural Beliefs
Unit 4 Culture - The Climate for Mother Hunger
Unit 5 Naming and Trauma
Unit 6 Food Exercise
Unit 7 Development - Deferred, Transferred, Arrested
Unit 8 Healing Gently - Meeting the Unique Needs of Women
Unit 9 Evaluation Form