For Professionals

This page is for clinicans and coaches who wish to offer Mother Hunger groups or workshops. Mother Hunger facilitator trainings are currently on hold, but scroll down to find links to book a Mother Hunger clinician consultation or sign up for the Mother Hunger facilitator training waitlist.

Current facilitators and facilitators-in-training can use the facilitator community link to reach the online group portal.

Clinician Consultations

Kelly offers a special rate for clinicians who are working with Mother Hunger and would like support or guidance, particularly with treating Third Degree Mother Hunger.

Who can make an appointment?

Kelly has found that clinicians with a certain level of experience and expertise gain the most from her support. In addition to reading the Mother Hunger book, professionals with one or more of the following training are well suited to learn from Kelly. While this list is not meant to deter your interest in consultation, the following training and certification programs are highly recommended and congruent with her treatment for Mother Hunger.

CSAT Certification
Sensorimotor Certification
IFS certification
Stone Center Relational/Cultural model
Laurel Parnell’s Attachment EMDR certification

Emotionally Focused Therapy certification 

Fee: 425.00