Heartbreak Intensives


“When I decided to travel for an Intensive with Kelly, I was nervous.  But at the end of two days, my only regret was that I didn’t have more time with her.  I feel hope for the first time in years…I’m not afraid anymore” ~ NYC

“What happens during an Intensive?”

Intensives are highly specialized, confidential experiences.  We spend two or three days together, one on one, doing the fundamental clinical work of healing.   If you’re interested in an Intensive, you have enough knowledge of psychotherapy to know it can help.  Sometimes, the structure of weekly, hourly visits simply isn’t adequate to heal the depth of early complex trauma and betrayal.  This is when an Intensive can help. I use attachment focused EMDR and weave in family constellation work where helpful.  We review your relationship timeline together (provided prior to Intensive).

“Will my insurance cover the cost of an Intensive?”

Most insurance companies do not cover Intensive therapy, so it’s best to consider this an out-of-pocket expense.  An Intensive is a unique, therapeutic experience designed specifically for you and your current needs.  It’s not for everyone. However, since we accomplish months of work in a 2-3 day format, a healing Intensive is an attractive option for busy, psychologically attuned people.  An Intensive is an exceptional avenue to reach and remedy the pain you’re feeling quickly and gently.  The ultimate investment in you.

“How do I know if an Intensive is right for me?”

Before an Intensive, it’s helpful for us to speak.  Together, we can consider whether an Intensive could be suitable for you.  Before we talk, please consider the following questions for yourself.

  1. Are you able to travel without too much difficulty?
  2. Are you familiar with my book, Ready to Heal?
  3. Are you currently working with a psychotherapist?

If “yes” is your answer, let’s proceed together and find time to talk.

With hope and warmth,