For those of you who are hungry for more information about early attachment and Mother Hunger®, you might enjoy Kelly’s new working paper.

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Deep healing waits until you have a comforting, safe guide.

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Hi, I’m Kelly McDaniel.

I’m an author, clinician, and teacher with a passion for helping women heal from heartbreak. Through my work, I’ve studied and named a particular type of heartbreak known as Mother Hunger.

Each one of us needs a trusted guide when we’re lost and in pain. The pain of heartbreak is lonely and isolating, but you don’t have to do this alone. You weren’t meant to. Together, we will ease the heaviness you’ve been carrying alone.

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Mother Hunger INTENSIVES

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of a broken heart, you may be suffering from something I call Mother Hunger. Mother Hunger describes the void where nurturing, protection, or guidance should have been.

Since writing and naming this concept, I’ve created Mother Hunger Individual Intensives to help with the pain of heartbreak. An Intensive is a profoundly effective path toward healing betrayal trauma, cPTSD, and early attachment injuries. During an Intensive, you and I work closely and confidentially to curate a healing experience for you.

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Mother Hunger: Healing Your Original Broken Heart

In her new book, Kelly guides women toward a deeper understanding of Mother Hunger®, a concept she first named in Ready to Heal (2008). Normalizing the difficulty that women face in relationships, Kelly’s new book soothes the legacy of shame from fractured maternal bonding.

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