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Mother Hunger

How Adult Daughters Can Understand and Heal from Lost Nurturance, Protection, and Guidance

“A brave, sensitive, and clinically intuitive book filled with wisdom and healing.”

Erica Komisar, LCSW, psychoanalyst, parent guidance expert and author of Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters

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From Hay House Publishing

In her new book, Kelly guides women toward a deeper understanding of Mother Hunger, a concept she first named in Ready to Heal (2008). Normalizing the difficulty that women face in relationships, Kelly’s new book soothes the legacy of shame from fractured maternal bonding.

The constant search for mother love can be a lifelong emotional burden, but healing begins with knowing and naming what we are missing. McDaniel helps women identify Mother Hunger, which demystifies the search for love and provides the compass that each woman needs to end the struggle with achy, lonely emptiness, and come home to herself.


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Kelly McDaniel, is a licensed professional counselor and author, specializing in treating women who struggle with self worth and relationships. As the first clinician to name an attachment injury as Mother Hunger she explores the legacy that comes from bonding with an emotionally compromised mother. Her upcoming book, Mother Hunger speaks to the millions of women who suffer with a life-long emotional burden that adversely affects self worth and relationships with others. It didn’t have a name. Until now.

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“I read Mother Hunger as if it was a sacred text — each word revealing and illuminating the deepest inner essence of me I knew was there but couldn’t name. Kelly McDaniel has translated the most palpable, potent, and impactful imprint of mother to daughter that has the power to heal us in real time while also providing healing to those who’ve come before us and arrive after. I honestly cannot remember a time I have resonated with anything as much as I do Mother Hunger. If you’re drawn to this book — trust it!”

Nancy Levin, author of Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free

“Kelly McDaniel’s Mother Hunger is going to create a worldwide sigh of relief as daughters everywhere finally have words to describe the aching loss that haunts their lives and relationships. With compassionate understanding for the incredible challenges that all mothers face when trying to mother well, Mother Hunger provides a much-needed key to the hidden impacts that being under-mothered can create and points the way toward healing and wholeness.”

Michelle Mays LPC, CSAT-S, founder of PartnerHope and the Center for Relational Recovery