Mother’s Day & Mother Hunger

April brings the anniversary of so much loss and grief. After a year of family and self-preservation, life is quickening again. This is challenging for many of us who aren’t sure we want to return to anything that resembles pre-pandemic “normal”.

With Mother Hunger publication nearing (July 20th) so much is happening that isn’t “normal.” I want to be excited. I want to do each interview, podcast, training, and book event with my whole heart ~ I’m just not sure my heart has recovered from this past year.

Fortunately, I’m honored to return to some of my favorite podcasts for Mother Hunger discussions. Jodi White of Journals of a Love Addict and I will do two episodes about Mother Hunger that will be released close to Mother’s Day. Looking forward to speaking again with Rebecca Wong of Connectfulness and Emma of System Speaks this week.

I really enjoyed my Mental Health Mondays conversation with Dawn and the online community at She RecoversYou can find a recording of our live conversation here.

Mother’s Day is approaching, and for each adult with Mother Hunger, grief comes too ~ in one form or another ~ confusion, anger, sadness, hope, or another letdown.

It’s a perfect time to talk with grief expert Claire Bidwell Smith. Claire has a way of pulling up a seat next to grief, looking it straight in the eye, and opening up a gentle dialogue. Claire and I talk about Mother’s Day on May 6th for Holding Space

I hope these events will nourish your soul.

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, join my online conversation with best-selling author Claire Bidwell in an exploration of our collective grief and anxiety. Thursday, May 6, 11am-12pm PT. RSVP for this free event HERE.

Watch our conversation HERE.


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