Healing Heartbreak Intensives


Help for Mother Hunger

Very likely, if you’re visiting my website, you know the pain of a broken heart. Maybe it hasn’t occurred to you that your heart is broken, but you know loneliness without language, despair that won’t rest, and depression that resists your best efforts.  Your soul might feel numb.

These are symptoms of a broken heart. Perhaps these symptoms are new for you. You just discovered a devastating secret about someone you love and trust. You’re in shock. Devastated.

Or maybe heartache feels normal to you.  You don’t trust anyone. Romantic relationships start out intense and exciting, but eventually disappoint and exhaust you.

In either case, you may be suffering from something I call Mother Hunger.  Mother Hunger describes the void where nurturing, protection, or guidance should have been. It’s a name that describes a loss of early attachment. Without one or all of these 3 critical development needs met, you will search for them everywhere…with friends, lovers, maybe your own children.

Since writing and naming this concept, I’ve created Mother Hunger Individual Intensives to help with the pain of heartbreak.  An Intensive is a profoundly effective path toward healing betrayal trauma, cPTSD, and early attachment injuries. During an Intensive, you and I work closely and confidentially to curate a healing experience for you.

I currently provide Intensives in a two – three day format. If you would like to learn more about an Intensive, click here.

Psychotherapy Sessions

Individual Psychotherapy sessions — 60 and 90 minutes

Individual Psychotherapy sessions

60 and 90 minutes

Couple Psychotherapy sessions — 90 and 120 minutes

Couple Psychotherapy sessions

90 and 120 minutes