Resources for Repair

For Daughters

For daughters who are searching for resources and clinical support to heal Mother Hunger.

Mother Hunger by Kelly McDaniel

For Professionals

For clinicians and coaches wishing to offer Mother Hunger resources to their clients. 

Mother Hunger Trained Facilitators

What is a Facilitator?

The coaches or clinicians listed here have spent 6 to 12 months with Kelly going through the Mother Hunger book, asking questions, discussing the exercises, and getting more comfortable sharing the material for virtual groups and/or in-person retreats/workshops.

They are a good place to start if you are seeking support. Check their websites for Mother Hunger offerings.

What a Facilitator is not

Trauma training is not a requirement for becoming a Facilitator.
Trauma training is not part of Facilitator training.

If you need support for Third Degree Mother Hunger, ask a Facilitator about additional training they have. In addition to familiarity with the Mother Hunger book, a clinician with one or more of the following certifications could best support you: (Kelly explains this in more depth in the Mother Hunger book p.188-189)

  1. Somatic training (Levine/Ogden)
  2. EMDR
  3. Family Constellation
  4. IFS (Internal Family Systems)
Mother Hunger is at the heart of a great deal of intergenerational suffering and therefore, is most important in my clinical lens when understanding and guiding my clients toward healing. As a trauma therapist with over 37 years of experience, I have worked with a multitude of issues and in a variety of settings. Some of the modalities I incorporate are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Attachment Theory, Neurobiology and Health Psychology, EMDR, Hypnosis, Narrative Therapy, Group Psychotherapy, and Mind-Body therapies. I am passionate about helping individuals, couples and families heal, grow and transform so that they can live their best life.

Lexington, MA and online

Angela Schellenberg, LMHC

Angela Schellenberg is a Licensed Mental Health Trauma Counselor specializing in helping clients process trauma, attachment, grief, loss, and specifically, mother loss. She uses a variety of modalities, from EMDR, Attachment, Narrative Therapy, IFS, and DBT.

She is a Mother Hunger Facilitator trained by psychotherapist Kelly McDaniel. 

Angela co-facilitates retreats with best-selling author Hope Edelman for Motherless Daughters.

She is a writer, speaker, educator, and non-profit executive director.

As a gun violence survivor, she works with and advocates for survivors.

Angela is passionate about the healing process for her clients, and she emphasizes the importance of good emotional support and a toolbox to help with emotion regulation and distress tolerance.

Redmond, WA and online

Anne Klein, M.A.C.P

Anne holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and is well-versed in a range of therapeutic modalities, including Transactional Analysis, Re-decision therapy, and Advanced Integrative Therapy(AIT), and is a trained Mother Hunger Facilitator.

Anne’s approach is rooted in the understanding that present-day struggles trace back to early coping mechanisms developed in childhood—a time when these strategies were essential for survival but may no longer be working in adulthood. For clients working through Mother Hunger, grieving and secure attachment are the core issues. 

Compassionate and committed, Anne is a steadfast ally in her clients’ journeys toward positive transformation. Through her therapeutic interventions, she addresses immediate concerns and facilitates enduring changes that pave the way for a more fulfilling and resilient future.

Calgary, Canada and online

Chenelle Ellie, LCSW-C

You’ve always wanted the Gilmore girls kind of relationship with your mom. But, you’ve tried it all and nothing works! You are always left feeling misunderstood, guilty, and frustrated. And- it isn’t just with your mom… it is with ALL of your relationships!

Hi, I’m Chenelle and I’ve discovered that relationship anxiety and mother hunger go hand in hand. If you are looking for a therapist who is going to help you make real change with ALL of your relationships with kindness, real talk, and a dose of humor, I’m your person! 

I offer Mother Hunger specialized individual therapy, and groups in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area and online groups for those throughout the country. Check out my website to schedule your free consult. 

Maryland (DMV area) & online

Cybele Botran, M.Ed, CPC, CPRC, SRCD

Cybele’s coaching practice empowers women to look inside and connect with their most tender selves. She works with sober and sober-curious women who want to overcome codependency, enmeshment, perfectionism, and people-pleasing, build boundaries, work through shame and guilt from past behaviors, and rediscover their inner child and inner teen. She is a SHE RECOVERS® Coach with a Master’s Degree in Education and over 40 years of teaching experience. She coaches self-identified women and nonbinary individuals who identify with women’s communities, offering individual 1:1 coaching sessions, online classes, and REPARENT, a unique group coaching experience.


Emily Grimes

Mother Hunger Trained Facilitator Emily Grimes MSW, LCSW chose the name Aluera, Inc. for her retreat ventures. Aluera is an adaptation of the future tense Latin word ‘alere’ (to nourish, cherish, support). Latin is the foundation of the language we use to communicate. We communicate with words in order to understand concepts and connect with others. Connecting with others in relationship is how we take the first step towards our own healing.

Huntersville, NC and online

Evie Rose Crist

My calling is to provide unwavering support to rebuild lives, restore hope, and find light in the darkness. I strive to empower women who have experienced sexual trauma and emotional numbness. The human-horse partnership is a heart-felt experience
aiding in the healing of trauma. Creating a bond with the horse helps people to have the confidence to open up and trust, and to love ourselves from the inside out. My expertise comes from experiencing years of repeated abuse and then coaching women for 20 years in many settings.


For me, pieces of my life cut like glass. When my life was shattered, I forgot the
person I was prior to the trauma. I looked out through the cracks of brokenness and my life was rugged and cold. My own healing journey helped me realize the broken
pieces could be mended by looking at what broke them in the first place — I began to
find wholeness again.

I incorporate many modalities into my practice, including Brainspotting. Mother Hunger facilitator training was another piece of the puzzle to assist me in my own healing and guiding other women to transform their trauma into strength. My desire is to live a more authentic life in freedom from the constraints of my past experiences, and to assist others to do the same.

I live in rural Georgia where I offer Gestalt coaching and partnering with horses for
those who are seeking wholeness.

Voices From the Scars retreats are offered in two locations:

Panama City Beach Florida and in the Georgia mountains. I also offer Zoom and small group sessions.

Georgia, Florida, & online

Heidi Soper, LMT

I am a Certified Somatic Body (LMT) Therapist with 30 years of personal and professional experience. I have been trained in many modalities over the years, they are all related to the deepening of our Mind and Body connection. I teach Self Awareness and Self Regulation with abdominal self care using the Mayan abdominal Technique(ATMAT) The combination of these with my Somatic Experiencing training (SEP) Peter Levine, bring a unique web of “Nurturance, Protection and Guidance”. My passion is to help teach women “how” to be embodied, which is too ‘be in union’ with our authentic essence of our body and mind. Our bodies hold the unresolved and unintegrated trauma in the layers and systems of our organs, muscles and fascia. My intention is in offering your body and mind the presence, space and touch we didn’t receive when we needed it. We need touch, presence and space to resolve and integrate the past so that it will be easier to be and stay in The Present moment, where we can digest, integrate and resolve what needs our tender attention.
Finding Mother Hunger has brought my personal and professional development to another level. I offer personalized sessions as well as Intensives for those who are looking to integrate and feel the support that we all need to survive, together. I can do phone sessions as well as in-person table sessions. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, and how I can support you along your journey back to yourself.
*We cannot become ourselves by ourselves.*

Bozeman, MT and online

Hertha Lund, EGC Method® Certified Practitioner

Hertha Lund is an Equine Gestalt Coach, Mother Hunger Trained Facilitator, and author of the book, “Alchemy of Resilience: My Rugged Path to Wholeness,” which is her story of living with and transforming her Mother Hunger into an asset to serve others on their healing journeys. She is a lifelong lover of horses and the founder of Four Horses for Wholeness. She offers in-depth retreats with her healing horse herd in central Montana. Specializing in serving those who are searching for meaning in life, and who want to experience transformational trans-species healing, she offers individual or group coaching in person at the ranch or by ZOOM. Hertha is also a professional public speaker and will share how a near-death experience changed her life and set her on her path towards wholeness. In addition to being a coach, she has been an attorney for almost three decades and founded Lund Law. Prior to law school, she covered Congress and the United States Supreme Court as a journalist. In her personal time, Hertha enjoys riding horses and helping her husband on their cattle ranch with the assistance of their cow dog assistants.

Lennep, Montana and online

My practice is based around trauma and healing- I work with many modalities from EMDR to Sensorimotor to energy healing. Mother Hunger work is key to the work I do- it is the essence of where much trauma begins. Being seen from this point of understanding is powerful and necessary to healing. My passion is having the opportunity to work with others who have struggled in life with a multitude of inherited beliefs about themselves.

New York, NY and online

Jessica Starr, LCSW, RYT

We can be our own healers, though we often need someone to guide us and be our witness through our healing journey. I am a Certified IFS therapist, Body Trust Provider, Mother Hunger group facilitator, and yoga instructor located in Portland, Oregon. My passion is supporting women who struggle with disordered eating, addictive behaviors, trauma, grief, childhood wounds, ambiguous loss and Mother Hunger. The darkness I have experienced throughout my life has also ignited my hope and belief in everyone’s capacity to survive challenges and ultimately thrive.

Portland, OR and online

I am a clinical social worker with 40 years’ experience in individual, group, couples and family therapy. I have worked in various settings including employee assistance programs, addiction rehabilitation, hospital settings including inpatient substance abuse and psychiatric settings. I have been in private practice for several years specializing in addiction including porn and sex addiction, trauma therapy including betrayal and partner violence, anxiety and mood disorders. I have expertise in treating survivors of childhood emotional, physical and sexual abuse. I work with those struggling with problematic eating and other unhealthy coping skills. I am certified in EMDR, a psychotherapy technique used to relieve symptoms of PTSD associated with traumatic memories and experiences. EMDR is also effective for addiction, anxiety disorders and grief processing.

I hold a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University in NY. I am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor and licensed clinical social worker in NJ and NY. I hold certifications from the International Institute of Trauma Professionals as a Certified Sex Addiction therapist and Certified clinical trauma therapist. I am a member of the International Institute of Trauma Professionals (IITAP), National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and EMDRIA for EMDR therapists.

Florham Park, NJ

Jodi White is a licensed therapist and Mother Hunger Facilitator in Austin, specializing in trauma and love addiction. Jodi uses her training and personal experience with love addiction to help clients overcome dysfunctional relationship patterns by addressing childhood relational trauma. Jodi also hosts her podcast, Journals of a Love Addict, which she created to spread the word about love addiction.

Austin, TX and online

Kristy Scher, Coach

Kristy believes that when self-attunement is our relational compass, our relationships become sources of nourishment and refuge. She is a mentor for relational skillfulness — the ever-deepening process of attunement to ourself and others that enables us to experience robust and resilient relationships in every area of our life, be it in our work, creative self-expression, parenting, or intimacy. Her clients know her as a wise, compassionate guide for the journey of relational skillfulness that makes for a life rooted in the rich soil of self-belonging.
Kristy is a certified coach, former perinatal nurse, and certified yoga and meditation teacher. In her 25+ years of working with individuals and groups, she witnessed again and again that when our need for attunement — loving, responsive presence — is met, profound emotional and spiritual growth can happen organically.
In addition to offering 1-on-1 mentoring, Kristy writes and teaches about intimacy, relationships, and the emotional/spiritual developmental arc of motherhood. Her writing can be found at and her free substack

Tucson, AZ and online

Lisa Eschbach, LCSW-C, CSAT, CMAT

Patterns exist in ourselves as much as they do in nature. And like nature, they can be hidden out of plain sight but powerful in their impacts. In our time together we will explore the patterns within you that were deeply embedded from that most powerful relationship with your primary attachment in youth, Mom. As adults these patterns can wreak havoc on our inner thoughts and the relationship with self, as well as in relationship with others (romantic or not). Kelly has so beautifully given us language and a reference guide to name and do this this life validating work. In our space, be it online or in-person, we will journey together to understand you, make sense of your patterns and come into awareness of who you truly are and whom you long to be. 

As a clinician I work from an attachment perspective and hold certifications/trainings in betrayal trauma, sex and pornography addiction, multiple addictions, equine therapy, post induction therapy (PIT), emotionally focused therapy and more. I have my own practice in Annapolis, MD and value being a female business owner. My passion topics are Mother Hunger, betrayal trauma, love addiction, couples with addiction and betrayal, and helping people restore emotional balance.

Annapolis, MD and online

Mary Beth Dziedzic

Mary Beth is a holistic psychotherapist and the founder of NOURISH talk walk flow grow, an innovative, holistic fusion of psychotherapy with walking/running therapy, ecotherapy and yoga therapy designed to: cultivate emotional, physical, spiritual growth; promote personal strengths; honor the powerful connection between body, mind, soul; encourage creativity and flexibility; and reconnect with our roots and wild nature. Mary Beth is an LICSW, 200-hour registered yoga teacher, a trained Mother Hunger facilitator, RRCA-certified running coach, former wilderness therapist, a mom, wife, marathoner, a woman in recovery, yogi and nature lover. Working with Mary Beth, you are invited to open your whole self — body, mind, soul — because “to heal” means “to make whole.” Together, we explore your biology and your biography, your pleasures and your pain. Outside or inside, we pull from ancient wisdom and modern, evidence-based techniques to bring awareness to your own body mind soul processes so you can trust yourself to: tell your stories; learn, unlearn and relearn your beliefs; identify what is and is not NOURISHing you; heal your psychic wounds, rediscover you and unearth your purpose. Talking and walking, practicing and processing side-by-side with Mary Beth you can learn to be present with your whole being, experience your fluctuating emotional and physical landscapes and NOURISH yourself in a way that fosters growth.

RI and MA

McKenzie Casad, LCSW

I have my Master of Social Work, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Right after graduate school, I worked for several years in the field of domestic and sexual violence and pursued post-graduate trainings. I eventually transitioned into private practice under Cypress Counseling, in partnership with Chris Carson LLC. I am licensed in Virginia and Oregon and work with clients in person and online. 

My postgraduate studies include four years at the Washington School of Psychiatry in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Infant Observation, a year of the Jungian Seminar at the Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts (PAJA), Psychoanalytic Training at the Contemporary Freudian Institute, Embodiment Consciousness Trainings with Judith Blackstone, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Level One Training, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with PRATI and Polaris, and Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy trainings with Fluence, IPI, Joe Taruf and Naropa. Mothers Hunger training with Kelly McDaniel. 

In my personal time I enjoy being with my family, reading, traveling, new learning ventures and returning to my original home in the Pacific Northwest.

Richmond, VA and online

Nancy Levin is a Master Coach, Mother Hunger Trained Facilitator, bestselling author of several books, podcast host and founder of Levin Life Coach Academy. She offers in-depth coaching, training and certification programs designed to support clients and students to make themselves a priority by honoring their self-worth, dissolving outdated obstacles and setting boundaries that stick so they can vividly live in center stage of their own life.


Natalie LeQuang, LPC-MHSP
Natalie LeQuang is a licensed therapist who has spent her career specializing in complex trauma and attachment wounding. She believes that Mother Hunger is at the root of many women’s relational difficulties, challenges with food and/or substances. Natalie incorporates various healing modalities including: hypnosis, EMDR, Ego State Therapy, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. She has a specialty in working through early, preverbal attachment injuries, among other attachment deficits. Since becoming a mother herself, she also has a heart for working with mothers and mothers-to-be who have a history of Mother Hunger. When we can make sense of our own attachment experiences with our mothers and heal from the past, we can give our children what we never received and desperately needed.

Nashville, TN and online

In my work as a Clinical Psychologist and sex therapist, I have extensive experience working with couples and individuals in healing ruptures within their relationship, overcoming sexual dysfunction, deepening their intimacy, and (re)building a strong foundation within their relationship. Although my work is diverse, it is nearly impossible to not address Mother Hunger at some point in my therapeutic work. I have the honor of supporting women through their Mother Hunger within individual and group therapy spaces. In addition I offer supervision and consultation to clinicians providing clinical services.

Los Angeles, CA and online

Susan Pan is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Mother Hunger Facilitator in Northern Virginia. She has over 35 years of therapy experience working with people on a full range of mental health and addiction issues. Her supportive, naturally curious and pro-active approach empowers people experiencing difficulties to make change.

Reston, VA and online

Dr. Tracy R. Zemansky is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Clinical Sex Addiction Therapist – Supervisor, with a private practice in Santa Monica, California since 1994. She does interpersonal psychotherapy with individuals, families, and groups, as well as clinical and forensic psychological assessments. Her areas of particular expertise include: substance and process addictions, positive psychology, and impaired professionals, as well as trauma, abuse, grief/loss, disfigurement, and cross-cultural issues.

Dr. Zemansky is also trained in Mother Hunger work, AEDP – Level II (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy), and is one of the few Los Angeles-based psychologists doing collaborative/therapeutic assessment, a process using psychological testing as a brief, dynamic intervention, helping clients and referring therapists address diagnostic challenges and entrenched patterns. She offers both in-person and telehealth services.

Santa Monica, CA and online

The Mother Hunger playlist

This playlist of gentle music without words is a resource for Nurture. Use it for journal writing, stretching, soaking, walking, resting, cooking, reading, and meditating.