Resources for Repair

This page is for those of you searching for clinical support for Mother Hunger. Use the buttons below to find a list of therapists who are also trained Mother Hunger facilitators and get links to healing resources.

Mother Hunger Trained Facilitators

What is a Facilitator?

The coaches or clinicians listed here have spent 6 to 12 months with Kelly going through the Mother Hunger book, asking questions, discussing the exercises, and getting more comfortable sharing the material for virtual groups and/or in-person retreats/workshops.

They are a good place to start if you are seeking support. Check their websites for Mother Hunger offerings.

What a Facilitator is not

Trauma training is not a requirement for becoming a Facilitator.
Trauma training is not part of Facilitator training.

If you need support for Third Degree Mother Hunger, ask a Facilitator about additional training they have. In addition to familiarity with the Mother Hunger book, a clinician with one or more of the following certifications could best support you: (Kelly explains this in more depth in the Mother Hunger book p.188-189)

  1. Somatic training (Levine/Ogden)
  2. EMDR
  3. Family Constellation
  4. IFS (Internal Family Systems)
Mother Hunger is at the heart of a great deal of intergenerational suffering and therefore, is most important in my clinical lens when understanding and guiding my clients toward healing. As a trauma therapist with over 37 years of experience, I have worked with a multitude of issues and in a variety of settings. Some of the modalities I incorporate are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Attachment Theory, Neurobiology and Health Psychology, EMDR, Hypnosis, Narrative Therapy, Group Psychotherapy, and Mind-Body therapies. I am passionate about helping individuals, couples and families heal, grow and transform so that they can live their best life.

Lexington, MA and online

Emily Grimes

Mother Hunger Trained Facilitator Emily Grimes MSW, LCSW chose the name Aluera, Inc. for her retreat ventures. Aluera is an adaptation of the future tense Latin word ‘alere’ (to nourish, cherish, support). Latin is the foundation of the language we use to communicate. We communicate with words in order to understand concepts and connect with others. Connecting with others in relationship is how we take the first step towards our own healing.

Huntersville, NC and online

My practice is based around trauma and healing- I work with many modalities from EMDR to Sensorimotor to energy healing. Mother Hunger work is key to the work I do- it is the essence of where much trauma begins. Being seen from this point of understanding is powerful and necessary to healing. My passion is having the opportunity to work with others who have struggled in life with a multitude of inherited beliefs about themselves.

New York, NY and online

Jodi White is a licensed therapist and Mother Hunger Facilitator in Austin, specializing in trauma and love addiction. Jodi uses her training and personal experience with love addiction to help clients overcome dysfunctional relationship patterns by addressing childhood relational trauma. Jodi also hosts her podcast, Journals of a Love Addict, which she created to spread the word about love addiction.

Austin, TX and online

Nancy Levin is a Master Coach, Mother Hunger Trained Facilitator, bestselling author of several books, podcast host and founder of Levin Life Coach Academy. She offers in-depth coaching, training and certification programs designed to support clients and students to make themselves a priority by honoring their self-worth, dissolving outdated obstacles and setting boundaries that stick so they can vividly live in center stage of their own life.


In my work as a Clinical Psychologist and sex therapist, I have extensive experience working with couples and individuals in healing ruptures within their relationship, overcoming sexual dysfunction, deepening their intimacy, and (re)building a strong foundation within their relationship. Although my work is diverse, it is nearly impossible to not address Mother Hunger at some point in my therapeutic work. I have the honor of supporting women through their Mother Hunger within individual and group therapy spaces. In addition I offer supervision and consultation to clinicians providing clinical services.

Los Angeles, CA and online

Susan Pan is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Mother Hunger Facilitator in Northern Virginia. She has over 35 years of therapy experience working with people on a full range of mental health and addiction issues. Her supportive, naturally curious and pro-active approach empowers people experiencing difficulties to make change.

Reston, VA and online

Location map of Mother Hunger facilitators

Healing Resources

The Mother Hunger playlist

This playlist of gentle music without words is a resource for Nurture. Use it for journal writing, stretching, soaking, walking, resting, cooking, reading, and meditating.

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