Healing Heartbreak


Identifying Mother Hunger is the most challenging work some of us will do in this lifetime. My research and clinical work focuses on naming this painful first heartbreak so that we can find a pathway to heal. There are many psychological and cultural roadblocks that inhibit naming this terrible heartache, so we must be patient …

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We get lost

Sometimes, it’s easier to look away from our internal world. The pain there is too hot to touch, to know, or to feel. So we focus on externals, and if they aren’t going the way we like, we judge, we blame, or we might go numb. Essentially, we get lost. This is when we need …

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Understanding attachment as a dance with DNA, cultural factors, and psychological roadblocks can reduce the shame you experience when loneliness brings hopelessness. It didn’t start with you.

Women Connecting

Women connecting with a warm friendship heals isolation, if there isn’t another agenda in the way. Too often, women take other women for granted. It’s a sign of healing when respect for our female sisters rises to the top of our priority list.

Early Maternal Deprivation and Mother Hunger

Early Maternal deprivation creates a lifelong hunger for her love. In my book Ready to Heal, I name this unique grief Mother Hunger. Mother Hunger complicates bonding for women, making romantic relationships and friendships very difficult. Here’s a unique study that reinforces the grief of Mother Hunger from sciencedaily.com Even brief maternal deprivation early in …

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Heart Break

Dear broken hearted, It is said that time heals all wounds. Time may dull the pain of a broken heart, but it cannot fully heal the wound. Unlike a broken bone, heartbreak has no cast. Most of us recognize that healing a broken bone requires a “time-out” from routine, but life rarely permits anyone the …

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This is Water — Excerpt by Anjali Dayal

Read this article in PDF form by clicking here. Sharing an excerpt with you from On Being—and if you haven’t checked this site out yet, you may want to!  (onbeing.org) This is a well-articulated discussion by Anjali Dayal, who is an assistant professor of International Politics at Fordham University and a research fellow at Georgetown University’s Institute …

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