Citing Mother Hunger

How to use the term Mother Hunger® in your writing, marketing, or business

Mother Hunger is a registered trademark of Kelly McDaniel, and as such, one cannot be represented without the other. We invite you to use the term Mother Hunger along with material from the book and this site both internally and publicly, within boundaries. You may use the content within your practices, community groups, conferences, and more. You must include the following attribution: Copyright Kelly McDaniel, Mother Hunger and, All rights reserved.

You can also share and post Mother Hunger references and materials on social media, within emails and newsletters, and on resource lists with the original link to this website, with the following attribution: Mother Hunger @kellymcdanieltherapy and, All rights reserved.

No commercial use is permitted. Unapproved derivations of Mother Hunger content can not be used to accrue money for yourself or your organization, ie., charging people or asking for donations in a session that includes Mother Hunger material; or making and selling products based on Kelly McDaniel’s content. If you would like to discuss the possibility of partnering or training for you or your organization, please visit the “For Professionals” section of this site or contact us at