What happens during a Mother Hunger INTENSIVE?

Intensives are a unique healing method that I designed 5 years ago to respond to women reaching out to me from all over the world after reading Ready to Heal. Mother Hunger Intensives are designed for women who seek a trauma-informed, one on one, custom tailored experience. Since 2013, my Intensives have helped women find relief from:

  • shame
  • rage
  • loneliness
  • confusion

Why are they called Mother Hunger INTENSIVES?

My favorite chapter from Ready to Heal (2012, 3rd ed.) is called Mother Hunger. Mother Hunger is the name I created for wordless, emotional pain. For the hidden heartbreak behind adult relationship distress, absent life goals, and mood difficulty.  The source of constant loneliness comes from an early lack of attachment.  Or abandonment. Whether you missed out on nurturing (touch, comfort, affection), protection (from aggressive adults or siblings) or guidance (lack of helpful advice or inspiration), a Mother Hunger Intensive imprints a new sense of comfort, safety, and guidance into your nervous system.  And the benefits can be long-lasting.


A Mother Hunger Intensive is an elegant, profoundly healing dyadic experience. During an Intensive, you receive individual, compassionate, trauma-informed care for the complex grief that emerges from preverbal, developmental heartbreak. I use only what is helpful for each client to dislodge frozen grief, shame, and anger. With the exception of the relationship timeline, not all tools are necessary for each participant.  Growing up, some women received adequate guidance and have thriving careers, but need relationship healing.  Some women never experienced guidance from a trusted source and need mission support as well as relationship healing.

  1. Relationship timeline: The timeline appeals to women who are thirsty for understanding their relational dynamics. Powerfully illuminating, the timeline frames fused, painful patterns of relating, so the body/mind can untangle them.
  2. Dyadic, attachment EMDR woven into warm, steady presence.
  3. Family constellation micro movement.
  4. Massage with RMT who follows Mother Hunger protocol: Face up, head and feet. Gentle pressure to soothe anxiety and fatigue.
  5. Gravity blanket for somatic soothing.
  6. Mission design and guidance.

What if I missed all three maternal elements? (nurturing, protection, and guidance)

Many women seeking Intensive support suffer from what I call third degree Mother Hunger.  Third degree Mother Hunger is the absence of any mothering whatsoever and leads to Intimacy Intolerance. I find that naming Intimacy Intolerance, like naming Mother Hunger, helps women feel less “crazy” about cyclical relationship pain.  If this describes you, plan on a longer Intensive to give yourself every benefit.

Who can an Intensive help?

  1. Intensives are best suited for women and clinicians who are psychologically experienced.

How do I start?

  1. Maybe take the Mother Hunger quiz on my website? If you would like to proceed, then give me a call.
  2. After we speak, if you are eager to proceed, we schedule an attachment assessment (in person or zoom for an hour). From this, I customize a corrective experience based on your unique relational template and current life needs.
  3. If I don’t think that an Intensive is the best thing for you right now, I suggest alternatives during our consultation.
  4. A typical Intensive is 10-15 hours over 2-3 days so it’s helpful to think of this as a retreat. Plan for a getaway as you would a vacation.

Where do I go for a Mother Hunger INTENSIVE?

Intensives are in Nashville, TN. If we decide to move forward together, you will receive preferred lodging suggestions near my office. The Nashville International Airport is close to both.

With warmth and love,






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