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Mother Hunger INTENSIVES

A Mother Hunger® Intensive is an elegant, profoundly healing experience designed for women.

Very likely, if you’re visiting my website, you know the pain of a broken heart. Maybe it hasn’t occurred to you that your heart is broken, but you know loneliness without language, despair that won’t rest, and depression that resists your best efforts. Your soul might feel numb.

These are symptoms of a broken heart. Perhaps these symptoms are new for you. You just discovered a devastating secret about someone you love and trust. You’re in shock. Devastated.

Or maybe heartache feels normal to you. You don’t trust anyone. Romantic relationships start out intense and exciting, but eventually disappoint and exhaust you.

In either case, you may be suffering from something I call Mother Hunger.

“I’m changed since my time with you…internally different. Like I have new cells.”

“I don’t know how to say this other than Kelly felt my feelings with me…her warm strength let me tolerate grief that I couldn’t feel on my own…”

"Kelly is truly gifted. With more than 27 years as a psychotherapist myself and having been a client of some of the most seasoned specialized therapists in the field, my work with Kelly was graceful and highly attuned in a way that most therapists are not able to deliver. She has an extraordinary laser focused attention to relational wounds that cut through defense mechanisms and allows for deep attunement that many of us did not get from our caregivers. The opportunity for deep repair is profound. I refer to her without hesitation and with deep appreciation for her ability to help heal Mother Hunger."

Mother Hunger Explained

Mother Hunger describes the void where nurturing, protection, or guidance should have been. It’s a name that describes a loss of early attachment. Without one or all of these 3 critical development needs met, you will search for them everywhere…with friends, lovers, maybe your own children.

Unsure if you're suffering from Mother Hunger? My Mother Hunger quiz will help you reflect on your childhood experiences and discover if further exploration is right for you.

Intensives: Find Help and Healing

Since writing and naming this concept, I’ve created Mother Hunger Individual Intensives to help with the pain of heartbreak. An Intensive is a profoundly effective path toward healing betrayal trauma, cPTSD, and early attachment injuries. During an Intensive, you and I work closely and confidentially to curate a healing experience for you.

After an attachment assessment, I customize a corrective experience based on the unique relational template of each participant. A Mother Hunger Intensive imprints missing elements of maternal care into your nervous system: a felt sense of comfort, safety, and guidance.

I currently provide Intensives in a two – three day format.

“When I decided to travel for an Intensive with Kelly, I was nervous. But at the end of two days, my only regret was that I didn’t have more time with her. I feel hope for the first time in years…I’m not afraid anymore.”

My Approach

During an individual Intensive, I offer individual compassionate, trauma-informed care for complex grief that emerges from heartbreak, betrayal and/or adversity in childhood. Using my protocol of attachment EMDR, modified family constellation work, and a relationship timeline, I customize each Intensive for your specific needs.

Out-of-town clients stay in a hotel 1.5 miles from my office.

Intensives effectively reduce the following symptoms:

  • Shame
  • Rage
  • Loneliness
  • Confusion


With the exception of the relationship timeline, not all tools are necessary for each Intensive. I use/recommend only what is helpful to dislodge grief, shame and anger stuck in your body.

  1. Relationship timeline protocol:The timeline is part cognitive (narrative) and part somatic (symbolic).
  2. Attachment EMDR woven into warm, steady presence.
  3. Family constellation micro movement.
  4. Optional massage with RMT who follows Mother Hunger protocol/ Face up, head and feet, gentle pressure to soothe anxiety and fatigue.
  5. Gravity blanket for somatic soothing.

Commitment, time, structure:

Intensives work best for women who have accomplished necessary preparatory work with a therapist and continue with clinical care as needed.  A release of information allows me to collaborate with your treatment provider pre and post Intensive.

“When I decided to travel for an Intensive with Kelly, I was nervous. But at the end of two days, my only regret was that I didn’t have more time with her. I feel hope for the first time in years…I’m not afraid anymore.”

“Kelly helped me understand why I keep repeating destructive habits…her style of EMDR was so much more helpful than what I had before. Since my Intensive, I eat differently and it’s easier to know when I’m full.”

Common Questions

Intensives are highly specialized, confidential experiences. We spend two or three days together, one-on-one, doing the fundamental clinical work of healing. If you’re interested in an Intensive, you have enough knowledge of psychotherapy to know it can help. Sometimes, the structure of weekly, hourly visits simply isn’t adequate to heal the depth of early complex trauma and betrayal. This is when an Intensive can help. I use attachment focused EMDR and weave in family constellation work where helpful. We review your relationship timeline together (provided prior to Intensive).

Most insurance companies do not cover Intensive therapy, so it’s best to consider this an out-of-pocket expense. An Intensive is a unique, therapeutic experience designed specifically for you and your current needs. It’s not for everyone. However, since we accomplish months of work in a 2-3 day format, a healing Intensive is an attractive option for busy, psychologically attuned people. An Intensive is an exceptional avenue to reach and remedy the pain you’re feeling quickly and gently. The ultimate investment in you.

Before an Intensive, it’s helpful for us to speak. Together, we can consider whether an Intensive could be suitable for you. Before we talk, please consider the following questions for yourself.

1. Are you able to travel without too much difficulty?
2. Are you familiar with my book, Ready to Heal?
3. Are you currently working with a psychotherapist?

“Before my Intensive, I was unsure about my marriage. Or if I even liked my husband anymore. After three days with Kelly, I feel renewed. Kelly helped me experience how I emotionally withdraw. I honestly didn’t know I was doing this, but it’s automatic. Now I understand his (my husband’s) behaviors better…no wonder we are both lonely together…”

Next Steps

I hope this page has helped you learn more about Mother Hunger and decide if a Mother Hunger Intensive is right for you.

Before committing to an intensive, let’s talk for 30 minutes. This consultation time is no charge to you. When I receive your email inquiry, we will find a time to speak by phone. Generally, my response time is within 24 hours.

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